This collection is an embodiment  of my uncle Barry, and the influence he had on my mother.

To be real honest, I never really got to know him, but I knew how he was based on stories and memories my mother would share with me. I changed the logo and added a flower onto the back of it to show the growth and troubles I’ve endure over these few years, the flower used is called a Dahlia flower which is my mother name as well.  I’ve cut and sewn everything as always, just wanted to let you know and also remind myself in the future “where was my head at, at the moment.” I used all organic fibres to represent the natural and organic love I alway receive from my mother. The “Nova Shirt” which is my favourite was hand embroidery, and it took along time for me to choose the colours since there was so much options, but I came down to the Sky Blue, Tangerine Orange, Dark Pumpkin and Fall Oak Brown. That really represents my life, My mothers is the blue which means water/sky, the different variations of orange is my father, the earth, the dirt, the foundation. This collection is my first “real” one, and I want to show what a young black man can do with his two hands and an idea..

First “Phase” of the collection drops February 28,

and the second “Phase” drops a week later.





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