Love. Comfort. Freedom.

Those are just three words that represent what our brand dictates. Our saying is “dirty but clean” meaning we push the envelope on versatile and timeless clothing, yet have a little extra spice or as some would say- provocativeness. If one thing is for certain, we hold no peripheries when it comes to fashion. Each piece is handmade with the utmost craftsmanship by our one and only Clayson Fletcher (learn more here). Significant amounts of love can be felt in each and every stitch sewn. With a passion, we take pride in our craft and without a doubt do we treat it like our child. Growth and progression are aspects of life we all encounter and it’s through Nova where our family shares that utterly. Nova embodies the void between sane and insane- the grey area where there are no limits to creation. No boundaries. No limits. Nova.


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